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SNAKE + Feng Shui Astrology For June 2021

The Snake could go through a difficult month – the Five Yellow gets magnified by the conflicting star. Things move quickly causing you to react too fast. Not a time to go with your ‘reflex’ responses. You don’t have to reply to text messages and emails that come in right away. Give yourself time to think before responding. On the work front, too much work and too little rest could result in avoidable mistakes. Maintain a healthy work-life balance. While the Snake can be a reclusive personality, even recluses need company occasionally. A good time to expand your circle a little more. This month the Snake really needs to carry the 5-Element Pagoda Amulet. Have one on your work desk as well. Remember this is a general forecast for this animal sign but to have a more customized chart it is best to have a chart done for the current year. This way we can select your element, your 9 planets to see what is affecting you, and what gems stones, crystals, colors, and much more to help you. For more information go to Feng Shui Astrological Chart 2021.



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