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If you are looking to buy or build a new house, you may want to consider the feng shui positioning for the home on the building site and relative to the surrounding landscape. Feng Shui believes that the orientation of the house on the land and the quality of the surrounding geography is as important as the interior layout of the house when it comes to creating good Feng Shui. Especially if you are going to renovate or reorganized the existing layout.

Regardless of whether you are buying an empty lot or a house that is already built, it's important to look at the chi quality of the land itself. Do the building site and the surrounding area look and feel vibrant? Is the vegetation lush and full of life? Land that is dry and lacking in vegetation is a sign of low or inhibited chi. If considering a building site that is part of a development that is underway, as about the landscaping plans for the area. So much to think about this is why is best to allow Georgie Ayala to do the research for you with the Feng Shui knowledge.  

The 3 Key Points...

1. I always say to my clients that they should use one-third of their decision-making process based purely on common sense.

In other words, can I afford this property, does the survey reveal any major faults, and how does it look from a legal perspective?  Be realistic about your goals.

2. A third of the decision-making process needs to be intuitive. Finding and then later buying a property is often based on a gut feeling. However, sometimes this intuition can be clouded by rash expectations or simply an enormous desire to acquire the property despite the common sense factor being missing. Listen to your intuition, sleep on it and consider the intuition that others may offer as well.

3. Or use one-third of the decision-making process around Feng Shui principles. The one that I will outline simply is to get a Feng Shui consultation before buying any property. Sometimes these Feng Shui pointers can help tilt the balance in your decision to buy the property. If you are two-thirds clear in making the decision and the Feng Shui reveals that it is irresistible, then obviously go for it. 

Happy Hunting to Your New Property


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