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My Personal Experience with Georgie Ayala,

I've known Georgie for about 8 - 9 years now.  Georgie does have a God-given gift of intuition and clairvoyance.  His mother was a renowned healer in PR, able to perform remarkable healing, including mending broken bones instantly according to Georgie's sharing stories with me growing up with his mother. This gift was passed down to Georgie through a lineage, and it is a type of gift that cannot be learned, but rather you can only be born into. One year after my father passed away Georgie told me that my mother (thousands of miles away) had a tumor and that it was cancer but she wasn’t telling me yet about the tumor.  He recommended I go home to visit her, which I did. I didn’t mention this to her and sure enough, one evening my mother told me she had found a lump in her breast but hadn’t told anyone yet. She received a diagnosis of stage 3 cancer, but what the Doctors didn’t say is that it was of the most aggressive cancers.  Georgie performed a puja (a special blessing) for her and told me he had asked for an "extension" for her, and that the cancer was very serious and without the puja, she would die. After a double mastectomy and chemotherapy 8 years later her Doctor finally told her he doesn’t understand how she's sitting in his office today and that her chances of survival were grim 8 years ago. 

Another time Georgie told me that my sister-in-law was pregnant (thousand of miles away) but hasn’t told anyone yet.  Again, a couple of weeks later at Thanksgiving, my sister-in-law announced that she was pregnant.  My older sister was diagnosed with breast cancer soon after my mother. Fortunately, it was caught early however Georgie did say it would come back. My sister had a double mastectomy last January after cancer has returned 3 times since.  Georgie has also made very specific predictions concerning friends and family and every single prediction did come to be.  When it was time to sell my house Georgie said he would do a special blessing for the sale and that it would be sold fast and at a good price. My house sold at my asking price within 1 week.  I was traveling on a cross-Atlantic flight with Georgie some years ago and our flight had been uneventful and very calm.  Georgie turned to me and said, "Is your safety belt fastened?", I said "yes" and he said, "Good because you’re going to need it".  Within moments, our plane hit violent turbulence and our plane began to fall and rise and shake. People were screaming and I was terrified.  He said to me with a grin during all this " it will be OK".  I can honestly recommend anyone to get a house blessing by Georgie as the energies from years and generations can become stuck and influence us today. When I have a problem I always call Georgie to get his perspective and it always helps.  If there is trouble ahead he knows before the trouble hits you.

M.M. San Diego, CA.

Dear Georgie,
Your healing continues to work magic.
You have greatly improved my spiritual, emotional, physical, and financial health.
You have also helped me to recognize new goals.  Many of which are being manifested at astonishing rates.
Above all, you have improved my connection with universal consciousness and I am gaining a better understanding of my placement and power within. 
Thank you for the wonderful blessings.
I look forward to seeing you again.


My Testimony, 

I've consulted w Georgie for over ten years now with tremendous accuracy.   His reading has helped clarify difficult periods and predicted upcoming events which in turn helped me to be better prepared. He has predicted with accuracy serious illnesses inflicting family members such as my mother's stage 3 breast cancer.  Georgie knew she had cancer before she did and has accurately predicted its return before the doctor detected her now stage 4 breast cancer. Georgie also predicted  Behaviors from individuals that I otherwise would not expect.  He has predicted arrivals into the family before anyone was informed. Apart from accuracy in predictions, Georgie is an excellent Feng Shui expert helping you to avoid negative energies and planetary energies. Georgie's dream interpretation is insightful. His spiritual guidance is very beneficial as he has had years of experience with masters, training,  knowledge, and God-given gifts to all. As far as I'm concerned a session with him is well worth it and at the end of the day Georgie's readings will end up saving you money. In some cases a fortune. If you are undecided go forward,  it's very beneficial. "

M.M. Michigan, USA


My Testimonial,
Georgie came into my life at a time when my career and my personal growth were stagnant. Personally, I felt stuck in my relationship with God and my career was also at crossroads. I always looked for a sort of mentor that I could talk to and open up to about things in life. Georgie has helped my growth both personally and professionally. The first time I met Georgie I did not know what to expect and my experience the first day I met him was life-altering. I opened up to him about things in my life that I had never spoken to anyone about in the past. He makes you feel love as soon as you are in his presence. I never felt that with anyone before that day or since that day. When he is in your presence you feel his light, and all around you is love. Through his wisdom, I have grown spiritually and because of our relationship, I am a better father, husband, and friend. Georgie put me on a path to enlightenment and I work on that path each and every day. I look forward to a long-lasting relationship and hope that someday I can help him in some way. Love always
R.C. Connecticut, USA

Flying High,
I met Georgie Ayala in Puerto Rico about 13 years ago. He was searching for love as well as spreading his kindness. We became great friends and I watched Georgie transform from a kind man to a great messenger of God. During this time I was in a very serious accident on an airline that I worked for. I had very serious injuries to my spine. Although I had been through physical therapy and eventually even spinal fusion, Georgie insisted that he do energy work on my back and my soul. I took him up on his offer as I was living a life in pain and sorrow.
His work in healing was apparent. I was not expected to work again. That was over seven years ago. I am still working at a very physically demanding job as a flight attendant.
I don’t know if it was the energy work or his prayers that kept me going. I think it was both!
However, I believe that his love and prayers for me have saved my back as well as my belief in the power of love.
I have watched Georgie transform from a very typical New Yorker to a worldly messenger of Love and Healing! Although I now live in the desert of Southern California, I still feel his love daily and his powerful presence in my life. Georgie is reaching his spiritual goals, teaching, healing, and has become my inspiration as well as a best friend. Sincerely,
Palm Springs, California


A Healing
“Georgie is one of the most compassionate and gifted healers of our time. His radiant energy and love for mankind are contagious. To work with Georgie is truly a blessing that touches my heart.”
MMM Venice, California


A real experience, It is an amazing feeling to be a part of such a powerful force, on a personal and global level. It is amazing what a little love can do….


My Friend, Family, and Son,
As soon as I met Georgie Ayala, I knew that He was the Master and the Friend I was waiting for…
Georgie is one of this new generation of Guides… He came to help us to find our way and to work on ourselves.
Georgie is full of Love and ancestral knowledge to help those who want to do real work on themselves.
The way is long and we need help to achieve our mission on Earth… thank you, Georgie!
M. H. C. Paris, France.


Message from Far,
All doubts I may have had that Georgie had a direct connection with higher beings in our universe were erased when during my first session with him, he told me that he had a message for me from my mother who had died shortly after my first birthday. There was no way that he could have known that my mother was deceased.
He assured me in his friendly, unassuming way that wonderful changes would begin to take place and my life would start to follow the path of my intentions and I believe from that moment on, it has.
That first session allowed me to let go of painful memories that had been impeding my personal growth progress for many years. I soon began to feel happier, more focused, and more connected to both the physical and spiritual worlds.
After my subsequent Rising Star session, I immediately felt an absence of the innate fear that I’d been carrying around with me for as long as I could remember.
As a result of meeting Georgie 3 years ago, my relationships have grown stronger, I’m accomplishing much more on a daily basis and I feel as though I’m closer than ever to realizing my full potential.
Thank You, Georgie!

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