Long-distance consultations are a very successful way to work with me on the Feng Shui of your home or office. 

Working from photos and your floor plan, we review your home or office from a Feng Shui perspective. You get a full set of Feng Shui adjustments that address your personal and/or professional life challenges. 


A long-distance Feng Shui consultation includes:

  • My in-depth review of materials you send me in advance of the consultation including floor plans, photos and more;

  • A discussion of your answers to my exclusive pre-consultation questionnaire as well as your personal challenges and goals that you wish to address with Feng Shui;

  • A 90-minute live Feng Shui consultation with you via phone "face time" or Skype;

  • A follow-up phone review a few weeks later to make sure you are on track and answer any questions you may have.


During the consultation, we review the floor plan and as it lays out over the 9 sectors of your home or office, as well as the Five Elements as they pertain to you personally and to your space. We also discuss the appropriate art, colors, furniture placement and more that create your best and most auspicious Feng Shui. Your privacy is important to me – every Feng Shui consultation is completely confidential.


Long-distance consultations are conducted via telephone, Facetime, and Skype. For personal visits, travel, and lodging an additional fee is required.

Feel free to Contact me to schedule or get more details. Phone: 917.553.5495

Looking forward to assisting you and harmonize your place.