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Tibetan Astrology originated from several different traditions: Indian, Chinese, and the Buddhist Kalachakra tantra.
Traditionally, astrology was one of the five secondary sciences in Tibet. It concerns not only divination, but it is also used in the study of time cycles, Tibetan chronology and the compilation of the calendar. The calendar in the form of an almanac is still quite important in the daily life of the Tibetans to ensure that their daily activities are in tune with the cosmos.
In general, certain days of the week and of the month are considered auspicious for specific activities (from marriage to hanging of prayer flags - even cutting one's hair); but also, every day relates to one's specific astrological chart of the day of birth. But also the position of the planets and the cycles of the elements determine good or bad fortune, personal power, Health, Marriage, etc. Namaste

Feng Shui Astrology Chart for 2024 "The Year of the Wood Dragon"

  • A personalize Feng Shui yearly chart is a powerful tool to have. This chart is a most have for everyone, which includes all you need to know during the current year and what to overseen during the year. Also how your sign will relate with the current animal and element of the year. Remember to forward the name, phone number, email and etc. Remember to forward the name, phone number, email and etc. Namaste

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