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Feng Shui Astrology for December 2022 + ROOSTER

A noisy month for the Rooster with the quarrelsome star threatening to wreak havoc in your relationships. You need to be more tactful when dealing with superiors or business associates. Control your temper and avoid conflict. You, unfortunately, don’t hold the upper hand when it comes to winning mind games this month. Minor disagreements get blown out of proportion, leading to legal problems or family disagreements. Suppress the quarrelsome energies by carrying a Rose Quartz or a rose quartz pendant. Place the 2 Red apples in the West. You do however enjoy Sum-of-Ten luck, which indicates crossing important finishing lines this month. Carry the Zambala Image as an Amulet in your wallet to turn opportunities into tangible success. Do the Zambala Puja this month. Namaste


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