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SHEEP + Feng Shui Astrology For June 2021

The Sheep has the visiting Loss Star, which brings betrayal and loss – this warns against being too trusting of others. A loss here usually refers to money, so don’t take a gamble. No financial risk-taking this month! To protect your wealth, we suggest carrying the Good Fortune Amulet. The good news however is the Loss Star is joining with Opportunity Star to form a Sum-of-Ten. The one amulet you need this month is the Good Luck Amulet. Carry to transform all negativity in your chart into auspicious tidings. This will also help to bring all your projects and endeavors to successful conclusions. A month for closing certain chapters of your life while opening new ones. Remember this is a general forecast for this animal sign but to have a more customized chart it is best to have a chart done for the current year. This way we can select your element, your 9 planets to see what is affecting you, and what gems stones, crystals, colors, and much more to help you. For more information go to Feng Shui Astrological Chart 2021.



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