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PIG + Feng Shui Astrology For June 2021

The Pig energy levels may be down, but your enthusiasm levels are up! Many things excite you and there will be lots you’re thinking of pursuing. The level of passion you feel is almost enough to overcome whatever tiredness you may be feeling, but don’t ignore warning signs when it comes to your health. Things can become bad very quickly if you leave illnesses to their own devices. The Pig should wear or carry some kind of health amulet this month. To activate the Big Wealth Ho Tu, carry the Good Luck Enhancer Amulet. If you trade on the stock market, play the lottery, or take financial risks, make sure you have the Prosperity Amulet on your work table. Remember this is a general forecast for this animal sign but to have a more customized chart it is best to have a chart done for the current year. This way we can select your element, your 9 planets to see what is affecting you, and what gems stones, crystals, colors, and much more to help you. For more information go to Feng Shui Astrological Chart 2021.



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