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MONKEY + Feng Shui Astrology For June 2021

For the Monkey, the people around you may not be as cooperative as you’d like. Learn to ignore their comments and just go about doing your thing. This may be the best way forward for now. A generally very successful time when you enjoy completion luck from the sum-of-ten forming in your chart. But while things go well, it doesn’t mean you find it easy to work with others. There may a lingering air of distrust, especially for those working in political environments. If team meetings are going nowhere, don’t call them so often. Keep discussions short and focus on the real work. A helpful amulet for the Monkey this month is the Enhancing Relationships Amulet to maintain good relations with all the important people in your life. Remember this is a general forecast for this animal sign but to have a more customized chart it is best to have a chart done for the current year. This way we can select your element, your 9 planets to see what is affecting you, and what gems stones, crystals, colors, and much more to help you. For more information go to Feng Shui Astrological Chart 2021.



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