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Feng Shui Astrology for September 2021 + PIG

The Pig can look forward to a fruitful month as their luck takes a turn for the better. There are indications of new business opportunities, or opportunities for career advancement. You will find more ways to make some extra money. Your overall cash flow will show some improvement. To activate for wealth luck this month, display the Ox statue with 8 Citrine quartz or a Dragon Tortoise to increase sales and find new business opportunities. Pigs also benefit from having the Zambala Statue. On the relationship front, Pigs can look forward to a good time. If you have been planning to tie the knot with your partner, this is the time to pop the question. Singles looking for love can attract a lifelong partner and marriage luck by displaying a Rat in the North of the bedroom. Do the Zambala Puja in September. Namaste


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