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Feng Shui Astrology for September 2021 + OX

The OX has the Money luck Star and career success are on the cards! The stars in your sector combine to form the Sum-of-Ten combination, which brings victory to all you do to activate this very auspicious indication by carrying the Luck Amulet to enhance more that Star. You can look forward to a productive month, and all your plans falling nicely into place will simply motivate you to do even more! Career prospects are strong. If you are placed in a situation where you’re competing for a promotion at work, chances are high you can come out the winner. To enhance promotion and winning luck, place the Desktop Victory Flag and Yellow Ru Yi and a or a Celestial Dragon on your work desk. For money luck, carry a wealth Amulet. For luck in relationship matters, activate for love with the Horse and 2 rose quartz in the South part of the bedroom. Do the GODDESS KURUKULLE PUJA very auspicious for you this month! Namaste


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