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Feng Shui Astrology for September 2021 + MONKEY

A lucky month for the Monkey as productivity improves. You are blessed with the literary and romance star this month. At work, you find it easy to get things done. You can more easily focus on work without distractions caused by misunderstandings from colleagues. To activate for career success, place the Dragon Horse on your work desk. For younger Monkeys, you are advised to carry the Manjusri Image and to have a Manjusri Statue to activate the month’s star for education luck. Single Monkeys will see their popularity at a high and attract romance easily. If looking for love, activate with the “Rabbit with a moon stone for Love Enhancer. Those already in relationships however will need to be extra careful this month. There is an indication there could be a possibility of infidelities. Wear the rose quartz and an evil eye amulet to protect your relationship against third parties. Do the Kali Puja in September. Namaste


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