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Feng Shui Astrology for September 2021 + DOG

The Prosperity Star makes an appearance bringing wealth luck to the Dog. As the world economies restart, there will be new opportunities for you to capture. Making some extra money will be less of an effort this month. At work, office politics dissipates, and you can depend on your colleagues to help you when required. For those in business, there will be new orders to fulfill and your cashflow shows signs of improvement. To activate the good fortune of the month, carry a Wealth Amulet. In love, those of you in relationships will find things more smooth flowing as your other areas of life are going well too. Single Dogs will have extra time on their hands to pursue a new romance. If there’s someone you’ve been courting for some time, this is the time to move the relationship forward. To activate for long-term relationships aka marriage luck, display a Rabbit and two rose quartz in the East part of your bedroom. Do the Laksmi Puja in September. Namaste


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