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Feng Shui Astrology for September 2021 + SHEEP

The luck of the Sheep improves, bringing comfort to the aggravations you have been experiencing. People gravitate towards you as you exude the sort of energy that people like. You will have interesting conversations as your mind is bursting with ideas and you are able to communicate them effectively. This is brought about by the literary and romance star. Activate popularity luck by carrying a Popularity Amulet. If you can channel the good energy into your work, you will be amazed at the work you are able to produce! The energies of the month also are auspicious for those in academic and literary pursuits. To activate your good luck this month, carry a Good Luck Amulet, and have a Manjushri Statue for the younger ones. However, a note of caution to married Sheep; the combination of stars this month can cause arguments or affairs to happen unintentionally. The Love Amulet with a Rabbit is the perfect cure for this as it will help you stay loyal to your partner while enhancing romance between you two. Single Sheep can use this amulet to attract love as well. Do the Manjushri Puja in September. Namaste


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