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RAT + Feng Shui Astrology For May 2021

Promising energy is available for Rats this month, with the Big Wealth Start is in your chart. Prosperity luck in particular is likely, including an unexpected windfall. This can also mean a promotion, winning in gambling, or receiving an inheritance. While career luck is good, at work, beware of the Robbery Star, which can mean loss of money if you fall for get-rich schemes. Keep your head about you. The annual Illness Star is also in your chart, Feng Shui advice tells you to suppress the potential for loss by carrying the Anti Burglary Amulet. It’s also advised that you carry a second amulet to protect since even allies might try to betray you now, and there is jealousy around you. The good news is that prosperity comes from your ability to complete projects and seek out opportunities for success. Do your research and act wisely. Display an Enhancer in the North and carry the Enhancer Keychain to attract Big Wealth Luck. Do the Puja Medicine Buddha. Note: Always consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet, nutrition program. For investment etc... consulting your money manager is important. Students have time to focus on their studies and with extra effort, things go well. It’s a time for recognition of your hard work and your desire to pursue new avenues. At home, Rats should display an anti Robbery remedy with Water in their North sector for protection from theft and hang the Protection Amulet in their car. Children are at risk in unsafe areas, as are females. Carry the Night Protection amulet. Your head rules now, Rats, so love may not go smoothly. Those with a partner need to use extra effort to show their affection and walk away from an argument. Enhance your Love corner.



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