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Feng Shui Astrology for November 2022 + RAT

Rat-born people need to look after their finances this month. There may be unexpected expenses to bear in the form of repair work, emergency medical bills, vet bills, or other mishaps. There is also the risk of getting cheated or conned, so don’t fall for any schemes! Suppress the effects of the money loss star by carrying the Blue Elephant and Blue Rhino Amulet. At work, things could get a little more stressful, as you face some serious competition from equally talented work mates. Go on the offensive and get them on your side, so they would feel at least bad to stab you in the back. Nevertheless, keep your guard up, and get yourself the Kwan Kung Mini Plaque with Dragon and keep it on your work desk. Do the Durga Puja this month. Namaste


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