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Feng Shui Astrology for October 2022 + PIG

The Romance and Literary Star fills the lives of the Pig with romantic and creative energies, making it a happy time. You can make use of these energies to pick up a new skill to advance in your career. Activate creative energies with theDragon with 3-Legged Toador 5 Element Pagoda. For those taking professional courses, use the Wisdom Kwan Kung to help absorb knowledge like a sponge. As career luck is good, Pig can take some time for romantic endeavors. Single Pigs can use the Rat statue as an Amulet to attract a new love interest. Those already in a relationship can benefit from the 2 Rose Quartz in a shape of a heart to strengthen bonds with their partner.Do the Green Tara Puja this month. Namaste


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