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Feng Shui Astrology for October 2021 + RAT

The coming month is a productive time for the Rabbit. Things go smoothly at work, especially on the relationship front. Spend the effort to strengthen your alliances at work, which will prove helpful later on. You enjoy popularity with a whole new circle of friends. Others are taken in by your considerable charm, making it easy to get what you want – just use your people skills! Enhance social luck with the Popularity Amulet. For singles looking for love, you’ll have a wonderful time playing the field! No need to get serious too quickly… unless you’ve found “the one”. The only worry is for long-married couples whose chemistry with one another has gone stale – for such couples, there is a danger of boredom. Counter by wearing the Happy Relationships amulet (Red Apple). Do the Green Tara Puja. Namaste


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