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Feng Shui Astrology for October 2021 + MONKEY

When the Quarrelsome Star shows up in your sector, it causes the less positive side of your personality to emerge. And this month the quarrelsome star doubles, making everything doubly worse. Monkeys will find it hard to control the egoistic side of their personality, which could rub people up the wrong way. If you’re offending too many people, lie low and resist adding your opinion. The Monkey is a great wit, but also good at not saying a thing when it suits you. This month, saying less is more. Suppress the quarrelsome energies by displaying the Red Harmony Apples and Red Pi Xie in the SW part of your home. Carry the Dragon Holding Fireball Amulet to protect against disharmony and lawsuits. Do the Kali Puja. Namaste


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