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Feng Shui Astrology for October 2021 + DRAGON

For the Dragon, The Loss and Betrayal Star doubles up making it a difficult month for the Dragon. The good news is that the double Star adds up to form a Sum-of-Ten, bringing very auspicious Completion Luck your way. Projects get finished, money gets collected, goals get accomplished! But the Loss and Betrayal Star is still an affliction, and when doubled, it needs to be doubly suppressed. The best is to place TWO Five Element Pagodas in the SE this month. Beware of illness and accidents. Take extra precautions when operating vehicles or machinery. For protection against illness, place a pair of Garuda Wu Lou by your bedside and carry the “Healthy” Amulet. Do the Durga Puja and the Medicine Buddha Puja. Namaste


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