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Feng Shui Astrology for November 2021 + ROOSTER

For the Rooster your luck takes a dip with the presence of the Robbery Betrayal and Loss Star. This indicates money loss and unexpected expenses arising. At work, beware of politicking, especially if you have been doing well. While the situation is only temporary, it can bring heartache and unhappiness. To suppress betrayal energies, display Kwan Kung Riding a Horse on your desk and carry the Blue Rhino and Elephant Amulet. As there is still a risk of accidents and physical injuries, all Roosters are advised to carry the Armoured Rhino & Elephant Amulet. For relationships advice, no need to confide in too many people. Keep your cards close to your chest. Don’t say too much – your words could get twisted and used against you. The fewer others can read you, the better. Stay mysterious. Namaste


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