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Feng Shui Astrology for May 2022 + TIGER

The Tiger enjoys Sum-of-Ten luck, the 9 star and the 1 star added this month is making this a very auspicious time for anything related to work. Projects get completed, and it is a lucrative time to finalize deals and come to conclusive decisions on matters you may have been mulling over. The Sum-of-Ten, as well as signifying abundance, ensures that all your endings are happy, so take this time to “complete” things. The thorn in your side will be the arrival of the Illness Star, which warns of health afflictions. If in doubt about something, best get it checked out. Maintain a good work-life balance, get sufficient rest, beware burn-out. Suppress the illness energies with a metal Wu Lou in the NE and carry a medicine buddha image in your bag. Do the Medicine Buddha Puja and also the Zambala puja to help with Business this month! Namaste


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