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Feng Shui Astrology for May 2022 + PIG

For the Pig sign the pace picks up with theStar of Future Prosperitypaying a visit. Plenty of good fortune in work. If you have an idea, even if unsure how exactly to proceed, get started… the answers will come. A time when you benefit from having a little faith. There’s no need to have everything meticulously planned out before you start; leave room for changes, for following your intuition, or even changing direction completely if the situation demands it. Being flexible and trusting your gut instincts is the best strategy for the Boar. In general, a very auspicious time and a happy one too, so long as you don’t let the small things stress you out. Carry the Wind Horse Amulet to make the best of your opportunities. Do a Zambala Puja to boost your good luck this month! Namaste


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