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Feng Shui Astrology for May 2022 + OX

For the Ox this month the incoming illness star may cause you to experience a dip in energy levels, as well as being more susceptible to illness which can be shown later in the year. Take extra care of yourself by eating healthy and getting sufficient rest each night. A good idea to carryhealth amuletsor carry a Medicine Buddha image on a keychain. Have any health concerns that crop up if they are not checked out earlier. The good news though is theSum-of-Ten of the number 9 star and number 1 star added which's forms in your sector, bringing you completion luck. This makes it a favourable time for completing projects and closing deals. It also predicts successful outcomes for your endeavours. Activate this very auspicious kind of luck with an Amethyst Crystal.Do a Vedic Healing Sessions to help with the Karma and illness energy and do a Lakshmi Puja to help with your connections and work this month! Namaste


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