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Feng Shui Astrology for February 2022 + SNAKE

The Snake is in for a good time as the misfortune energies of last year dissipate, being replaced by loving and creative energies. Subdue the Illness energy witha health amulet and carry the helpful amuletto make the most of your natural abilities. Energies in your sector bring career success; enhanced with the wind Horse on your desk area. As the incoming Star also brings Romance Luck, Relationships get a big dose of help – singles may find themselves with many would-be suitors and those already in relationships see your bond deepen and grow. If looking for a soulmate, carry the Relationship Amulet or a rose quartz. Married Snakes should place the Relationship enhancerin the bedroom to safeguard your marriage, as this star can stir up all kinds of trouble. Namaste


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