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Feng Shui Astrology for February 2022 + OX

The coming year looks less volatile for the Ox, with the Quarrel and Illness Star being replaced by the Prosperity Star in your sector. Last year may have felt hectic, or erratic, but this year the Ox can look forward to many well-laid plans coming into fruition. Activate for good fortune with theWealth Remedies in your home and Office. This month, the monthly Misfortune Star is some cause for concern: remedy by carrying the Relationship Amuletand placing also one in your home. If things feel stressful at work, take a break. Often, when faced with a dilemma, the best solutions come when you are calm. Focus on keeping your cool and thinking with a clear head. No need to rush your decisions or reactions. This Year is good for you to keep your energy up at all times, do some personal pujas and healing sessions. Namaste


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