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Feng Shui Astrology for February 2022 + DRAGON

The Dragon’s luck improves as the new year dawns, with the Misfortune Star being replaced by the Relationship Star & Enhance More that Area. This pairs up with the monthly Victory Star at the start of the year to bring yet more good fortune! Others find you very charming, so make use of your popularity to advance your causes; activate friendship luck with the Love Amulet. Creativity also strengthens this year – excellent news for young Dragons in school or starting out in life. Display the Lucky Remedy on your desk and carry the amulet version as your personal lucky talisman. Career prospects are good, and so is the outlook for romance. A good time to take your relationship to the next level. If single and looking for love, carry the Love Amulet. Those already in a relationship can use the Relationship enhancer Remedy to further strengthen your love bonds. Namaste


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