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Feng Shui Astrology for December 2021 + HORSE

Horses can look forward to a great month ahead! You are blessed with the Prosperity Star, hinting of wealth, and even a windfall coming your way. There are many things to be happy about this December, so enjoy the festive period in good cheer. The Prosperity Star indicates improvement in career prospects and monetary gain. To activate the good fortune of the month, place the Prosperity Tree or the Tree Bringing with Jade, Citrine, and Amethyst Crystals in the South or where you can see it daily. Relationships with friends and colleagues go well, but there is an indication of some conflict with family members. Display the 2 Heart rose Quartz in the South, and suppress jealousy from family members by carrying 2 red apple pendants. Do the Durga Puja before the year ends. Namaste


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