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Feng Shui Astrology for December 2021 + DRAGON

December brings quarrelsome energies to the Dragon, making you more irritable, and also more irritating to others. Relationships come under strain. Don’t push a point too hard, and when you feel yourself getting embroiled in an argument, best to back off. The hot-headed side of the Dragon could end up getting the better of you. Display 2 red Apples in the Southeast of your home and carry the amulet version to protect the important relationships in your life. At work, display the Harmony amulet or a Rooster Statue made of Ceramic or Bronze on your desk to protect against becoming a victim of office politicking. Clip a Protection amulet onto your bag to transform any negative vibes into positive ones, and to get heaven energies on your side. Do the Tara Puja before the year ends. Namaste


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