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Feng Shui Astrology for August 2022 + DRAGON

The Dragon’s natural charms take center stage, as you are enjoying the double Romance Star. Already a naturally charismatic creature, this only gets enhanced this month, gaining you many new admirers. At work, productivity increases with all the adulation you’re getting. The Dragon definitely performs better with praise, and this month you will get a lot of this. A time to advance in your career, something you will find easy if you put your mind to it. Make use of your good networking luck and put effort into making new contacts for the future. Activate for business growth with the Zambhala Statue. For career advancement, place the Salamander statue or image on your work desk and carry a Rose Quartz. Singles looking for love can activate a new romance with the Rooster Amulet. Married Dragons however should place the Infinity Knot in the SE to keep their marriage strong. Do the Durga Puja Ceremony this month. Namaste


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