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Feng Shui Astrology for August 2021 + RABBIT

The Rabbit has a good time this month as luck comes in droves! There’s plenty of recognition at work or to find a job, and these successes, however small, make for a happy and productive Rabbit. Don’t discount the small steps you are making; these are stepping-stones to bigger success soon! There is also windfall luck to tap – either a money bonus, new contract, work promotion… If there’s something you really want, don’t be too tight-fisted. Spoil yourself. Spending money when you’ve been conserving can get the flow going again. When you spend some money, what you’re doing is you are making room for more to come in. Another good way to jump-start your wealth flow is to do some charity. Give some money away. Activate your lucky stars this month with the Luck Amulet and attract supporters. For wealth, wear the Blue Sandstone with Wealth Charm bracelet. Do the Tara Puja very powerful this month! Namaste


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