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Feng Shui Astrology for August 2021+ DOG

For the Dog, The Magnifying Star magnifies the Robbery Star in your chart increasing the risk of loss and betrayal. It definitely a month to stay under the radar. Don’t attract too much attention and don’t put your money at risk. No speculation, no gambling, no big investments. Delay starting anything new. Don’t trust others easily. If you have some big secret and you don’t want it shared, don’t tell anyone! Confidences get broken whether intentionally or not, so don’t risk your relationships by giving others the opportunity to “betray your trust”. Carry the “Kuan Kung on Horseback” Amulet against disloyalties and the Night Spot Protection Amulet or the Blue Rhino to stay safe from petty criminals and general harm. Lie low and hang on tight till the month is over. Do the Maha Kali Puja and Ganesha Puja! Namaste


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