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Feng Shui and Music

David Pattillo (aka Strange Majik) Talks to the Cream Magazine about the importance of having his recording studio Feng Shui by Georgie Ayala.

David Pattillo is the founder of Bang Bang Boogaloo. He is a musician, producer, writer, performer and music junkie but has also been involved in artist management, discovery and development in the music business. He is based in New York City and works out of his studio Flow NY where he produces up and coming artists as well as many episodes of “Live from The Artists Den” on PBS. Recently he has created the new site h1tchr or “hitcher” which crowd sources sound alike songs, sampled songs and cover tunes while creating h1tchmap timelines. In 2014 he hosted a rock and roll radio show on Amazing Radio for London and Dublin. Currently he hosts a weekly rock and roll live show every Tuesday with his band at Belle Reve in Tribeca.

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