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Keeping Good Feng Shui

The Natural Harmonies

Where you live and work, the impact of your surroundings energies for example: landscapes, lifestyles, bridges, buildings, water, heavy traffic, churches, cemeteries, lights, colors, shapes, your home entrance, your home layout plan, your decor, everything around us has an impact in our Feng Shui. In order to have a supportive cycle (a friend cycle) to have a good Feng Shui we need to harmonize yearly our surroundings with the five elements. These elements as we all are familiar with them are Fire, Water, Earth, Wood and Metal. If any of these are out of balance our Good Feng Shui can be rapidly affected. These elements can be change easily if our surroundings suffer a new change, For example: as simple as a new paint color or as something more complex like a new construction. This is why i am encouraging you to update your Feng Shui yearly and look for the monthly news letters to Keep your Good Feng Shui all year around. Namaste


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