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Feng Shui Lucky Days Almanac of the Year 2024

The Wood Dragon

Many people, even if they are becoming more believers in Feng Shui and Tibetan and Chinese astrology due to accurate and perfect harmony. The Monks put great importance on numbers in their lives. Feng Shui and numerology are closely related, and we believe that it is possible to change our lives by using numbers to have a harmonious and prosperous life.

As everyone knows, the 2008 Olympics will be held in Beijing, taking place from 8th to 24th August. Most people don't realize that Feng Shui numbers played a big part in deciding what date

the Beijing 2008 Olympic games should start.

When you analyze the date it breaks down to 08/08/08 (month/day/year). With the number 8 appears 3 times, the Beijing 2008 Olympics is set to become the most successful one ever held.

The opening ceremony takes place on a very lucky day, month and year.

Also, what time will start and the time for the closing ceremony is very important also for the Feng Shui Masters. The Olympic games seem more likely as the committee organizers will probably decide this with the help of a Feng Shui Master.

In Feng Shui we believe and avoid a few numbers and combinations of numbers because it sounds like "death", and therefore is a signification for bad luck and misfortune. For this reason, Feng Shui Masters will avoid having a car or a house with certain numbers.
Here on this Almanac, Georgie Ayala is using the Feng Shui principles with the Lunar Almanac which start every February each year and has prepared a monthly Feng Shui Almanac to help you select lucky days and auspicious times for all your important events.
This detailed Almanac is also base on the ruling Feng Shui Animal each year. This is part of the many branches of Feng Shui your

This Almanac will be prepared for you specific to help you every day of the year with your decisions at work,
space and your life, 
home and personal life.
The vast information you will need to make right decisions accordingly your energy and animal sign.
This include:

Auspicious Activities for work
Conflicts Activities for work and home
Lucky Days
Inauspicious Days

Dr. Appointments Days

Important Days to Sign Contracts

Mercury Retrograde Days

Full Moon and New Moon
Love Days
Travel Days
Moving Days

House of Office Renovations Days

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