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Vastu Shanti puja is a spiritual ritual to worship Vastu Purush. The Vastu Purush signifies power, spirit, and energy residing in a building, be it a home, industry or shop. Vastu Purush safeguards the building. Vastu in Sanskrit means environment, surrounding or atmosphere, but it is more connected with the shelter or house. The word “Vastu” means something existing such as home, building, shelter, etc. Vastu Shastra Puja which help us achive mental peace, happiness & harmony at home & work place by creating a balance between all the five elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space). This Vastu Puja is to help you acquire home and office properties and also to expand your business.


  • Each Puja ceremony takes about 4 to 5 hours duration. Pujas has to be performing on auspicious days for maximum results. Remember to email the full birth name, day of birth, time if you know (but am or pm will do) place of birth. Also, we need the address of the property requested for this puja. Have faith and allow the blessing ceremony energy move your obstacles. Namaste

    It is recommended to order the Sri Vastu Mahayantra with this Puja.

    Note: Each property is required an individual puja ceremony. ​

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