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House blessings (also known as house healing, house clearings, house cleansing and space clearing) are religious rituals to protect the inhabitants from misfortune. Many religions have house blessings in one form or another.
A Blessed space in your home or business can bring greater success and productivity, remove limitations, help you move forward in your professional endeavors, open you up to greater professional success, support loving relationships, and bring harmony, better sleep, and positive energy.
The effects of Blessing your space are often intense and profound. All negativity disappear on all levels. This greatly increases your success and productivity in your business or career. In turn, your business is able to bring more positive energy to others.
Blessing your space will remove all limitations caused by negative energy from entities, bad relationships, previous owner’s misfortunes, and any lower energy. Start today!


  • Georgie Ayala is fully trained and empowered to remove all low-vibration, limiting, restrictive or negative energies from homes, businesses and careers of all kinds on all levels. Georgie Ayala can channel tremendous amounts of positive, high-vibration energy to your Home, Business or Career.
    A Blessed space is a powerful boost to the success of your professional life.
    A Blessing of your Home or Business has to be performed in person. Feel free to contact Georgie Ayala to schedule your home or office blessing. A travel fee in addition is required if you are outside of New York Area.

  • House or Office Blessings fees do not include travel fares, logging, and work day trip. For more information contact Georgie Ayala

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