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This Navagraha Pooja or worship is clearly collective worship of all nine planets of the Vedic or Hindu astrology. These nine planets (solar, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu) are believed to control our deeds (Karmas), wants, and the outcome or effects of the same. The areas of these nine planets within the natal chart of an individual, inform the entire story about the prevalence of detailed happenings (failures, activities, sorrows, achievements, and so forth.) in the present life of the individual.

The Navagraha (9 Planet) pooja is a healthful and amazing pooja or Vedic ritual, which mixes worships of all nine planets of the Vedic astrology. The Navagraha puja has the best and esoteric vigor to nullify or eliminate all flaws or doshas gift in the start horoscope, and therefore allow the involved person to prosper in existence if his/her disasters or adversities have been induced commonly by means of astrological imperfections or doshas. For that reason, the Navagraha Pooja or Pooja of any precise planet creates favorable ambiance and offers the crucial braveness and powers to the devotee to overcome and fight the problems offered with the aid of the life. Here, it is usually noted that rather of the all-inclusive Navagraha Pooja, Pooja of any targeted planet will also be carried out, if it is most ill-positioned in the delivery chart, and other planets are satisfactorily supportive.


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