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Buddha Manjushri is the Wisdom Buddha - the embodiment of the omniscient wisdom of all enlightened beings.

His left hand is in the gesture of teaching Dharma and holds the stem of a lotus flower that supports the Perfection of Wisdom Sutra.

The flaming sword in his right hand symbolizes the power of wisdom to cut through ignorance, the root of all suffering. By relying upon Buddha Manjushri, our own wisdom naturally increases. Majushri extremely beneficial for students who are studying and preparing for examinations. Manjushri is the Buddha who can remove our temporary obstacles to learning so that we can gain great knowledge which will benefit ourselves and others. Practicing Manjushri also helps to sharpen our learning, memory, intellectual ability, improve clarity and ability to study well.

Manjushri - The Bodhisattva 8.5 Inches with Face Gold Gilded

  • Size: About 8.5 Inches       

    Weight: 2000 Grams

    Materials: Copper Alloy (9 to 12 Metals) with 24 Karat Gold Gilded Face.

    Hand made and painted in Nepal with the Tibetan Tradition.

    • This is handicraft product. The pictures, size or weight of actual product could be some different than mentioned.
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