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Here on this Almanac Georgie Ayala is using the Feng Shui principles with the Lunar calendar which start every February each year and has prepare a monthly Feng Shui Almanac to help you select lucky days and auspicious times for all your important events.
This detailed calendar is also base on the ruling Feng Shui Animal each year. This is part of the many branches of Feng Shui your space and your life.
This Almanac will be prepare for you specific to help you every day of the year with your decisions at work, home and personal life.
The vast information you will need to make right decisions accordingly your energy and animal sign.

This include:

Auspicious Activities for work

Conflicts Activities for work and home

Lucky Days

Inauspicious Days

Dr. Appointments Days

Important Days to Sign Contracts

Mercury Retrograde Days

Full Moon and New Moon

Love Days

Travel Days

Moving Days

House of Office Renovations Days

Gift Certificate for Feng Shui Lucky Days Almanac Year 2024 "The Wood Dragon"

  • Gift Certificate for Feng Shui Lucky Days Almanac of the Year 2024 The Wood Dragon Consultation. Cannot be exchange or reimburse and has a 6 months expiration date from the day of purchased. Any cancellation of the appointment has to be notify 24 hours prior or a $75 fee will be deducted from the certificate. Thank you for undertanding and repecting the energy exchange. A personalize Feng shui Almanac is a powerful tool to have. This Almanac is a most have for everyone. This includes activity icons, lunar cycles, and events of the days for you to know what to do every day of the year. Good days and bad days for business, Dr. appointments, schedule your entire errands daily base on the right energy. Remember to forward the name, phone number, email and etc. Namaste

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