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Every consultation begins with you.  Filling out my exclusive Feng Shui pre-consultation questionnaire is a powerful exercise that helps you clarify your goals and challenges.
You get step-by-step guidance to personal Feng Shui adjustments including furniture arrangement, room flow, color and art selection and more.
At the end of the consultation you have sketches and notes about the Feng Shui adjustments I’ve recommended, that you can refer to via email.

GIft Certificate for a Chart 3 to 4 Bedroom Apartment Feng Shui Distant Consulta

  • This Gift Certificate is for A Feng Shui Chart and a 1 or 2 Bedroom Apartment Distant Feng Shui Consultation Session. Cannot be exchange or reimburse and has a 6 months expiration date from the day of purchased. Any cancellation of the appointment has to be notify 24 hours prior or a $75 fee will be deducted from the certificate. Thank you for undertanding and repecting the energy exchange. During the consultation we review the floor plan and as it lays out over the 9 sectors of your home or office, as well as the Five Elements as they pertain to you personally and to your space. We also discuss the appropriate art, colors, furniture placement and more that create your best and most auspicious Feng Shui. Your privacy is important to me – every Feng Shui consultation is completely confidential. Remember to forward the name, phone number, email and etc. Long-distance consultations are conducted via telephone, Skype. Contact me to schedule or get more details. Phone: 917.553.5495 Namaste

  • In order to have a better outcome for the consultation send us the following infornation:

    • Day of Birth
    • Time of Birth ( AM or Pm will do)
    • Place of Birth
    • Full Birth Name (not the marrige name)
    • Floor plan of sketch of the apartment 
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