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Medicine Buddha is also called Healing of Medicine Buddha. His colour is blue or lapis lazuli in the celestial real. His right hand holds a branch of myrobalan plant in varadamudra(giving pose). Left hand is in lap holding an alms bowl which signifies medicine which heals all sickness of sentient beings.

This is half body gold painted copper statue made in Nepal. The product is well crafted by hand by well experience Tibetan artist. The basic matel is Copper. Half body of the this statue  is painted and polished with gold plated.

Authentic Medicine Buddha 12 Inches with Face Gold Gilded

  • Size: About 12 Inches High

    Width: About 9.5 inches 

    Depth: About 6.5 Inches    

    Weight: 3.200 grams.

    Materials: Lost Wax Method, Copper Alloy (9 to 12 Metals)

    with 24 Karat Face Gold Gilded .

    Hand made and painted in Nepal with the Tibetan Tradition.

    • This is handicraft product. The pictures, size or weight of actual product could be some different than mentioned.
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