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Kubera also known as “Vaisravan” or “Namthoi-sre” is originally the Hindu god of riches and the treasure of wealth such as gold, silver, and gems, and is also the earth spirits (Yaksha) who guard the treasures hidden in the root of the trees. Specially Zambala stands for Zambhara which means lemon that carries in his right hand. He is rather fat and prosperous looking. He holds a money bag and coins. His crown may contain an image of Ratnasambhava. Zambala will grant more abundance in your life. Use the Zambala incense for rapid results.

Authentic Zambala Statue 8.5 Inches with Face Gold Gilded

  • Size: About 8.5 Inches       

    Weight: 2000 Grams

    Materials: Copper Alloy (9 to 12 Metals) with 24 Karat Gold Gilded Face.

    Hand made and painted in Nepal with the Tibetan Tradition.

    • This is handicraft product. The pictures, size or weight of actual product could be some different than mentioned.
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