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GreenTara in her left hand which holds a half closed lotus or water lily flower with long petals which is lfter blue. In the Lamaeist Tradition, Tara is incarnated in all good women. She also to have mortal base in historic persons on the Nepali and Chinese princess who married the great king Srang Tsan Gampo and credited with the introduction of Buddhism to Tibet and China. She is worshipped, because she brings all good women.

Authentic Green Tara Statue 8.5 Inches with Face Gold Gilded

  • Size: About 8.5 ”Inches       

    Weight: 2000 Grams

    Materials: Copper Alloy (9 to 12 Metals)with 24 Karat Gold Gilded Face.

    Hand made and painted in Nepal with the Tibetan Tradition

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