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Spiritual Healer
Ayurveda Practitioner

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Georgie Ayala was born in a small town near San Juan, Puerto Rico. His mother was a renowned healer

and Georgie remembers people lining up, waiting to receive her assistance. Georgie soon realized he had his mother’s gift when he became aware of the colorful auric energy fields that surround us, indicating our health, past, and well-being. This awareness led him to study Karuna Reiki Healing, and Reiki Master/Teacher. After a very profound experience he got a call and moved to a monastery to learn and live a Monk life under the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.


Georgie’s training includes Feng Shui, Vastu Shastra, Rising Star Healing System, Thai Massage, Ayurvedic Massage. Thangka Paintings, He’s also an Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology Consultant, Kriya Yoga Practitioner, Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, Shaolin Kung Fu Practitioner, and Tai Chi Practitioner.


Georgie began his professional career after receiving his B.A. in Interior Design from the Liceo of Arts in San Juan. After furthering his education in textiles, color, and Ikebana Floral Healing Design he moved to New York and began designing for leading fashion, and interior houses.


Georgie is able to translate his healing ability into his interior designs by tapping into and balancing the surrounding energy, creating harmony within. This knowledge guided him to become a Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra Consultant. Seeking to further his own spiritual journey, Georgie traveled to India. There, he became a Lama, a teacher of the Dharma in Tibetan Buddhism, and learned to perform Pujas, a powerful ceremony to remove negative energy from people, and situations.


While living in Paris, France he opened a private practice in the 8 arrondissements and continued his studies in Ireland, Tibet, India, and Peru.


He has been practicing now in New York City for about 20+ years in a private studio while he also travels all over the world to see private clients and gives conferences and classes. Georgie maintains a discreet and professional communication with his clients, who include celebrities from the movie, music, and fashion industries. All, whom resoundingly express their gratitude as he invariably brings them a healthier lifestyle.


Georgie has developed a completely unique approach to design, combining a powerful healing philosophy with that of interior form and function. Georgie uses the combined powers of Feng Shui and Vastu principles for energy movement with textiles, and surfaces.




Big Cities are always bombarded with different kinds of energies, subways, mass transit, and, unfortunately not many green areas. Apartments buildings are full of many people at the elevator, hallways, next-door neighbors left and right, above and below. There is a tremendous amount of energy directing to you at all times. Energies can travel through the walls, time, and space. We have all experienced this with cell phones and wifi. 

We do not see the electronic waves but we have access to them.

We are vulnerable to their negative and positive energies. They are available all the time 24/7.  Moving can be an exciting time, but even if this is a brand new place for yourself it has a history of previous tenants or the land where is been built. The energy, either positive or negative, can remain in space after the previous occupants leave. Even if it is new construction, what was there before?

It is highly recommended for the apartment to be Feng Shui and Blessed.

This will give the space neutral energy that allows you to make it all your own by removing any blocks that might exist due to emotional or traumatic energies left behind. We all have sensed unseeing energies in some time or place in our lives. Have you ever sat next to somebody and felt so uncomfortable that you wanted to get up and move away as fast as possible? Or other times you might not know the person, but you feel so good that you start a conversation with them? It is the same with our homes and working place. You just don't want the previous tenant's negativity in your apartment.

Have you just ended a relationship, have worries or bad luck?  It is time for a Feng Shui consultation.


Pujas & Spiritual Consultations

Puja Ceremonies

 Puja (literally an offering) It is a ceremony in which prayers are offered to the Buddhas to request their blessings or invoke their help. 

Private Sessions

Distant healing, also known as remote healing, long distance healing has been practiced in the Far East for centuries.  In modern times many modalities of distant healing are being recognized and practiced in the West.


Our Incenses collection are blessed, organic, healing and purify the air.

Always harmonize and bless your home by using the Feng Shui Principles. 



Georgie's energy work has been a profoundly healing and positive influence in my life and home. As I struggled to remain centered and healthy for both myself and my children while embroiled in a highly contentious divorce, I found Georgie's feng shui techniques and spiritual guidance invaluable.  The results are tangible and I learned incredible life skills; the ability to remain centered and peaceful, to connect with spirit and have a deeper sense of my own spirituality and practice, ways to live the substantive life I want to live, just to name a few!  George truly is a godsend.  

S.L. N.Y.C.

I've consulted with Georgie for over ten years now with tremendous accuracy.   His reading has helped clarify difficult periods and predicted upcoming events which in turn helped me to be better prepared. He has predicted with accuracy serious illnesses inflicting family members such as my mother's stage 3 breast cancer.  Georgie knew she had cancer before she did and has accurately predicted its return before the doctor detected her now stage 4 breast cancer. Georgie also predicted  Behaviors from individuals that I otherwise would not expect.  He has predicted arrivals into the family before anyone was informed. Apart from accuracy in predictions, Georgie is an excellent Feng Shui expert helping you to avoid negative energies and planetary energies. Georgie's dream interpretation is insightful. His spiritual guidance is very beneficial as he has had years of experience with masters, training,  knowledge, and God-given gifts to all. As far as I'm concerned a session with him is well worth it and at the end of the day Georgie's readings will end up saving you money. In some cases a fortune. If you are undecided go forward,

  it's very beneficial. "

M.M. Michigan, USA

“Georgie is one of the most compassionate and gifted healers of our time. His radiant energy and love for mankind are contagious. To work with Georgie is truly a blessing that touches my heart.”
MMM Venice, California

I was introduced to Georgie by a colleague when I was at the most desperate time in my life. Within moments of our first meeting, I felt a strong energy connection and was shocked to how he spoke with such truth and wisdom directly related to my life. 

Initially, I gained hope and clarity which led to truth and courage. Over time, I have developed a deepened sense of spiritually and faith, which is a real gift.  

I am a single and self-supported career mother of three beautiful boys and have evolved as a mom as a result of the work I have done with Georgie. For this, I will be forever grateful. 

JG, Vancouver 

"Purify your mind, your intellect, and each and every cell of your body with remote healing consultation.” 

Thanks for Submitting and Helping Healing the World!

Thanks for Submitting and Helping Healing the World!

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