The Zambala Puja Ceremony For Wealth

The Zambala Puja has specials tantric codes and rituals to be followed along with specifics tantric mantras to be chanted. The puja is extremely powerful due to the following rigorous tantra rituals to gain Lord's Zambala blessings in regard to wealth and prosperity. Once Lord Zambala is appeased he sanctifies the individual with material success. 


Benefit of Lord Zambala Puja Every Year

The Lord Zambala Puja Ceremony for the only purpose of gaining good luck and success. This puja is not to healing the physical body or any other purpose but it is only to help to heal the prosperity energy flow on people's karma. 

Those who are involved in business or are facing financial problems may sponsor this puja and can be done 2 or 3 times a year to continue the energy flow of good luck. This puja helps to dispell any curse or obstacles regarding money flow. 


  • For Good Luck and Prosperity
  • Quick recovery of due from others.
  • Protects from poverty
  • Helps to increase sales and expansion on business
  • Helps to find a better job or promotions. 


For this Puja is necessary the followings details:

Father's Full Name Only

Mother's Full Name Only

Your Full Birth Name

Your Time of Birth (Am or Pm)


  • Each Puja ceremony takes about 4 to 5 hours duration. Pujas has to be performing on auspicious days for maximum results. Remember to email the Your Full Birth Name, Day of Birth, time if you know (but am or pm will do) place of birth. Only the Father's Full Name, and the Mother's Full Name. (no need for time of birth for parents.)Have faith and allow the blessing ceremony energy move your obstacles. Namaste

    It is recommended to order the Durga Bisa Yantra with this Puja. ​