This Victory Banner talisman brings victory. It is the ideal feng shui enhancer for those who want to triumph over all challenges facing them. If you are in a competitive situation - in business, at school or in any particular endeavor - carrying this talisman is sure to energize the #1 Victory Star. This is what will let you come up at the top of whatever you are pursuing.

Excellent for career professionals wanting promotion and needing success luck, for students applying for scholarships or admission to top schools and colleges, for those in competitive sports, and for anyone who wants to beat the competition. If you have your own business this talisman is a must have.

Victory Banner for Winning Luck Keychain

    • Weight: 80 grams
    • Height: 14.5 cm
    • Length: 2.6 cm
    • Width: 2.0 cm
    • Make: Metal

    *The above measurements are all approximate.