The charts of this year (2018) indicate continuing conflict and disharmony, making it important to subdue the harmful energies of the quarrelsome stars. This delightful pair of red fu dogs dispels argumentative energies and keeps all your relationships friendly and harmonious. Stops others getting angry at you, and helps keep you in a good mood! Combats the negative star.

NOTE: We do not advise the continued use of key chain cures that have been used for more than a year, as it has already absorbed a lot of negative energy. We strongly advise disposing feng shui cures that are broken, chipped or badly scratched.

Tzi Chi Kau Amulet Keychain

    • Weight: 65 grams
    • Diameter: 5.0 cm
    • Height: 14.0 cm
    • Make: Metal

    *The above measurements are all approximate.