Carry the Tai Sui talisman at all times and you will never lack for the hidden help and assistance from the God of the Year. This is a powerful Taoist invocation for when you get into difficulties or when someone seems determined to block you by putting obstacles in your way. This is one of the principal Taoist blessings brought our way by the great compassion of the Taoist God of the Year. Altogether 108 Tai Suis “rule” the World’s time dimension and each year, a new Tai Sui dominates the year’s chi energies.

In the year of the Boar (2019), the Tai Sui moves to the location of the Boar (Northwest 3). All Animal signs  should carry this Talisman and specially those born in the years of the Boar, Tiger, Snake and Monkey will most carry this Tai Sui amulet to ensure they do not suffer from the direct and side conflicts with the Tai Sui. Carry his image with you as a beautiful bag tag or keychain.

Tai Shui 2018 Keychain