The Tai Sui Amulet brings help and assistance from the God of the Year. Carrying the image of this year’s Tai Sui with his Taoist invocation helps you whenever you get into difficulties or when someone seems determined to block you by putting obstacles in your way.

Each year is ruled by a different Tai Sui, so each year, a new Tai Sui dominates the year’s chi energies. This year’s Tai Sui is General Lu Mi. He brings a year of growth and rebuilding after difficulties in previous years. Gaining his support helps those in business recuperate from losses. His blessings also indicate you will always have someone on your side in times of trouble.

Keeping his image near you ensures you have his backing and his support.

In 2020, the location of the Tai Sui moves to the sector of the Rat (North 2), so those born in years of the HORSE, RAT, RABBIT and ROOSTER MUST carry his amulet to ensure they do not suffer from Direct and Side Conflicts with the Tai Sui.

All animal signs benefit from gaining the support of the Tai Sui.

Tai Shui Keychain 2020