Sri Ketu Yantra is used to remove the negative effects of Ketu. When Ketu is sending negative karma, Ketu is generally referred to as a "shadow" planet “South Lunar Node”. The use of Sri Ketu Yantra is spiritually very benefic and favorable. Sri Ketu Yantra helps and indicates success in business, Victory over enemies, and all round success. Other complications caused by Ketu are loneliness, depression, allergies, difficulty of gaining recognition for hard work of efforts etc. This is yantra to be use on your sacred space. It is very important to have in your Home. Namaste

Sri Ketu Yantra - South Lunar Node

  • 24 C. Gold Plated Brass Colorful Yantra. Approximately Size: 3 1/4" x 3 1/4". [SKY 109]
    Care Tips for Gold Plated Yantras and Jewelry: Caring for gold plated Yantras and jewelry is very similar to caring for solid gold. The only exception is you really have to be more careful when it comes to cleaning. We recommend you use a clean soft cloth when cleaning. At all times, avoid abrasive cleaning materials. The chemical used in these cleaners is just too harsh and may result in the lost of its color and tarnish. In some cases, the chemical may actually remove gold plated layer. If you are wearing a gold plated jewelry, make sure to take them off before you wash your hands or when doing any physical activities i.e. cleaning. To extend its life usage, we recommend making sure you put your jewelry on after all sprays and perfumes. If you are wearing a pendant make sure you take them off before applying on body lotion or body oils (make sure it is fully absorbed before putting jewelry back on). Clean your jewelry with warm, soapy water.